Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Big Changes

I'm moving to Utah! It's been a whirlwind couple of days, but thanks to help from Darrian I got a job at Radi8 Creative in Sandy. I'm so excited to start working there. It's an amazing company. 

So post-grad life has definitely been an interesting experience. If you remember, I moved to Las Vegas for a job at a PR agency, and after a few months I got let go. It was a huge blow to my pride, but I pulled together and got a job as a communications specialist at a tech startup four days later. There are a lot of challenges with a startup, and one of them is being dependent on a financial backer. Long story short, I switched jobs within the company and the startup went under. And then after that (and a lot of it I can't say because of legal issues and because I honestly don't know) the financial backer, my new boss, stopped paying me. I haven't gotten paid since Thanksgiving. 

I didn't tell a whole lot of people because I was embarrassed. I mean, I graduated from one of the top PR programs in the country, and eight months after graduation I'm on round 2 of being unemployed. I felt like everyone else had their life together and I was just not with the program. 

I can't lie and say that I handled this trial very well. There was a lot of crying and not sleeping and freak outs and anxiety and anger. I'd like to say that I trusted the Lord and was full of faith, but that's not the case for the most part. I was angry, and I felt like I was doing everything right but still not getting what I wanted. But when I humbled myself and really trusted Heavenly Father to just help me day to day, I was able to reach out to more people and be open to help, which is how I got the job at Radi8 Creative. 

So Utah, I'm back like I forgot something. See you Saturday.

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