About Me

  • The product of too many Jane Austen novels, Taylor Swift songs and Nora Ephron movies. 
  • Born to a miner's lady and a bad boy who had a freeway running through his yard
  • Grew up in a small Southern college town and yearns for split rail fences, winding roads and Christmas lights in the town square.
  • Hugger and crier
  • Graduated from the Lord's University just like her mother and grandfather and will teach her children to "rise and shout" from birth
  • Swears by her Myers-Briggs type (ENFJ forever) but thinks she is one astrological sign off (Virgo by birth, but more of a Leo)
  • Still dreams of being a ballerina
  • Salted caramel enthusiast and macaroni and cheese connoisseur
  • "Refuses to be bored, chiefly because she isn't boring"- Zelda Fitzgerald
  • Idolizes Kate Middleton and is looking for her Prince William (but Harry is probably a little more fun)
  • Believes in old friends and 3 am pillow chats
  • Kathleen Kelly wannabe
  • Incredible memory for birthdays and early-2000s pop song lyrics
  • Life of the party and she swears that she's artsy


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