Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I turn 23 tomorrow, isn't that weird? Twenty-three seems so much older than 22. Looking back, I think 22 (or as I called it, double deuces) was one of the best.

When I turned 22, I had just finished an awesome internship, I was moving in with one of my best friends and I was about to start my (super)senior year at BYU.

This year I made some really great friends (kindred spirits + glitter girls). We ate and went to Target a lot. We "traveled" to St. George, where I almost died (not really, but almost).

I got really involved with the PR program on the eboard and through the Bradley Lab. I had the best job ever at University Communications. I got to go to Orlando for PRSSA National Conference. My team was a finalist for the Crisis Communications exercise at PRSSA Regional Conference and my team won the Bradley Semester Review.

I graduated BYU, moved home and was unemployed for two terrifying months. I got to live with my family for the first time in five years. I got a job and moved across the country to a city where I literally knew no one.

22, we had a good run.

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