Monday, August 13, 2012

I'm Feeling Lucky

We bought the car I drive now from a guy that worked for Google, so my license plate holder says "Google: I'm Feeling Lucky." I'm starting to think that this is a lucky charm. Because I've driven with a couple of people (or as I like to call them, haters) who have told me I'm a bad driver. Say what you will about my driving skills, but I've never had an accident. But I'm starting to believe that this is less about my driving ability and more about my "I'm Feeling Lucky" license plate holder.

There are several examples that prove my point, just from this weekend. When I was on my way to Elizabeth's wedding, there was crazy road construction on I-15 N between Vegas and St. George, plus it was really windy. I was gripping my wheel the whole time. When I got to Provo, I noticed a large chunk of plastic dragging under my car, and the sides of my fender popping off. The people at Ken Garff Honda told me I needed a new bumper and it would be around $500. Less than I expected, but still more than I can just pay out of pocket. But, luckily my wedding date is an insurance expert who told me the magic words to say to the insurance people. He also told me twenty times that I didn't look fat in my dress, but that's a story for another day. I told the magic words to the people, and BAM. $100 and my insurance rate won't go up. I'm feeling pretty lucky.

Then today, while I was on the phone with the insurance people, parked in my car in the 108-degree heat with the air blasting, a couple of hooligans got in their car next to me and slammed their truck door into my poor mirror. I honked really loud (which in hindsight was a huge overreaction) and checked to see if there were any dents. There weren't. I'm feeling pretty lucky.

And then at Target after work, I was reversing out of my parking spot when I saw the minivan in the stall behind mine start to pull back too. I figured he could see me, since I was already halfway out of my spot, but he kept coming back. I started to honk again this time (why do I think this is a good idea?) but he didn't stop. I started to try to get back into the parking spot but I was too late and he slammed into the back of my car. I marched out of my car to survey the damage. Nothing. Nothing on his bumper either. I wouldn't have cared, but still. It was nice. I'm feeling pretty lucky.

So there you have it. My license plate holder is a lucky charm. Let's just hope the luck doesn't run out any time soon.

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  1. haha I love it! I had a pair of lucky underwear. I tie-dyed them myself in high school, when tie-dye was cool. I promise it was! California, remember?