Wednesday, July 11, 2012

First Day of Work

So today was my first day at MassMedia. It was a little overwhelming, but overall I liked it. But of course, in typical Melissa fashion it couldn't just go normally:

1. First, I manage to alienate myself within five minutes by announcing that I graduated from BYU. Everyone groaned and someone was like "I guess we can't swear now." No! Wait! Stop! That's not what I meant! I swear in my head all the time! It's fine! But of course, I didn't say anything and just awkwardly smiled and tried to laugh.

2. We got a quick tour of the office and I remembered that the break room was down a hall, but I couldn't remember which one. I walked down to the end of one hall and opened a door right into someone's office. Still, I'm better off than the kid who misspelled his own name on his resume and now everything has his name misspelled.

3. I did have the awesome awakening that I can take lunch whenever I want. I just have to bill 8 hours. It's an exhilarating feeling. Also, the intern asked me if I wanted any coffee. I was too stunned to answer, but he came back with Starbucks for everyone. Can I ask the intern to get me a Vanilla Bean Frappucino instead?

4. During that lunch break, I decided to find a place to eat my lunch that wasn't the office or my car. I started driving to Barnes and Noble but on the way I spotted a cupcake place called The Cupcakery. I decided to just stop in and see what they had. The cupcakes were beautiful and I started talking to the teenager behind the counter. I told him I was new in town and he pulled out their best-selling cupcake and gave it to me for free! AND he gave me a punch card with two holes punched in it already. I almost teared up. Am I making a bigger deal of this than I should? Probably. But it was just the nicest thing for some random high schooler to give me a free cupcake. 


  1. Laughing out loud, as usual. You are an inspiration to us all!

  2. I love this! Sounds like a pretty great first day.