Sunday, April 1, 2012

March Photo A Day

I was a little better at doing Photo a Days this month, I didn't get lazy till the end of the month :).

 March 1- Up:  Elevators in the ASB
March 2- Fruit: E's banana
March 3- Your Neighborhood: The Elms, baby
March 4- Bedside
March 5- A Smile: A text from Timmy Timmy Tim Tim
March 6- 5 pm: In da gym
March 7- Something you wore: one of my many grandma cardigans
March 8- Window
March 9- Red: sauce at P.F. Chang's
March 10- Loud: I still don't know why I didn't take a picture of Ryan ;)
March 11- Someone I talked to today: Poor Andrew, someone is tired
March 12- Fork: Ryan's fork ring that he wears every day, rain or shine
March 13- A sign: my first time hiking the Y in forever
March 14- Clouds
March 15- Car
March 16- Sunglasses
March 17- Green, at Hayley and Ali's awesome St. Patrick's Day Party
March 18- A corner of your home
March 19- Funny, This little picture got us honked at, but it was definitely worth it
March  21 (where I started slacking off)- Delicious: Nutella Cheesecake bars, courtesy of Charlotte Chen
March 22- Kitchen Sink
March 23- Moon
March 24- An animal: Duck on the new stream by Rape Hill
March 25- Breakfast: carbo load
March 26- Key
March 27- My name: In a Calvin and Hobbes book
March 29- Feet: Ryan's Van's
March 31- Where I relax: my bed

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