Saturday, March 19, 2011

Likes/Dislikes March 2011 Edition

Things I like:
Playing capture the flag at 2 a.m.
Vanilla Coke (this is an always thing)
Rubios shrimp burritos
Edelman PR and the possibility of an internship in LA this summer
Fake Ray Bans from H&M
Free People catalogs:

Bones episodes on Netflix
March Madness and Jimmer, duh
Finding new settings on my camera so I can take pictures like this:

Pretty Little Liars soundtrack (stop judging)

Things I don't like:
Provo weather and not being able to wear my aforementioned fake Ray Bans
Whiners (also an always thing)
Netflix account hackers
NOT getting internships/scholarships
Having no food (but the less food I have in my cupboard means the more I can justify eating Rubios shrimp burritos)
Somehow my computer is set on Pittsburgh time and I can't change it


  1. good luck with the internship! hope it works out for you!!

  2. I had to manually change the time on my phone. It can be done. Did you say that there is a Rubios in town? Yummy memories. What's with the Pretty Little Liars soundtrack--I'll have to CIO.


  3. Oh! And awesome photo. It's ice, isn't it?

  4. OOOOOhhhhh!!!! Im hoping for the LA internship. Then I can see my Missa!!!

  5. I LOVED that commercial. I want that to be meeeeeeeeeeeee

    PS LOVE LOVE LOVE the new blog layout. so simple and classy and organized