Monday, March 11, 2013

Trashy TV Observations

I didn't watch a lot of TV growing up. Really, I didn't. But when I got to college, Hulu and all those sketchy Chinese video streaming websites became popular and I started watching shows that my friends were talking about. It started with Gossip Girl, which became my secret obsession freshman year. A couple years later I got into Pretty Little Liars (I know, I know). And then being home for two months without any friends, and then I was unemployed, and you can just guess: trashy TV became my best friend. It's cooled down a little bit, but when I was sick this weekend the addiction reared its ugly head again. So I've made a couple of observations about these shows, since I am now an expert.

1. The cell phones. THE CELL PHONES.
Have you ever noticed in these shows that every other episode the characters have a new cell phone. And the camera always zooms in on it. On a related note, I feel like they always text in all caps. And sign off with their name. And talk about highly sensitive information that should probably be shared in person instead. Gotta love product placement.

2. Stop trying to make Bing happen, it's not going to happen.
Speaking of product placement, I was watching a show a while ago and the characters were talking about a question you had and one of them said, and I quote, "Why don't you Bing it?" 

Bing it? BING it? Since when is that a thing? Oh yeah, it's not. But it is in trashy TV shows. At least the ones I watch anyway.

3. All masquerade balls, all the time
I knew I grew up in Arkansas, but I didn't know that masquerade balls were that common. They seem to be a staple in the social lives of these TV characters. They're actually just a vehicle to move the plot along. The "anonymity" of a masquerade ball (that is, if your friends are really bad at recognizing your face from the nose down) is just too much for the writers to refuse. 

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