Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Current Situation

1. Wall art
2. Keeping in mind
3. Frank and Fina's- my favorite
4. Family trip to Falling Water (not jealous or anything)
5. Saturday hike with the Garet and Garrett
6.  Finally found a place that sells macarons- Bouchon Bakery in Summerlin
7. Another treat, I couldn't help myself
8. Mini pumpkin
9. Dressing like a grandma and drinking grandma's hot chocolate
10. Mom's old scarf, a fall wardrobe staple
11. Glitter and mint
12. Neon and leopard
13. 50 Nifty United States
14. The most perfect apples. I had to limit myself
15. 1920s dance with Garrett
16. Diet Coke and polka dots
17. Ryder- Kelly's new pup
18. New bangs

1 comment:

  1. 1. I have those leopard shoes too.
    2. I also have that polka sweater.
    3. Bouchon Bakery is the same chef as that one restaurant i went to in CA The French Laundry that I was obsessed with!
    4. We have really good taste.