Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Traditions

In the Connor family, we have lots of Easter traditions. We follow the trail of candy to our Easter baskets, dye eggs, the works. Holidays just aren't the same up at school. My mom sent me a box of chocolates, but I really wanted to do something Easter-y.

We went to Macy's and bought the old school egg dye and eggs. I literally had to Google how to make hard-boiled eggs. Trophy wife in the making, obviously. And I was a little rough on the eggs when I put them in the water so some of them turned into these:

So today I had the boys over to dye the eggs. And you know me (or you don't, that's fine too), I love planning activities. Like from 5-6 we will dye the eggs and then from 6-6:30 we will divide into teams and have an egg hunt. And then I have to remember that I really have no authority over these people and they don't have to do what I say. Weird.
Easter 1
Easter 2
Easter 3
Easter 4

Then Ryan took it upon himself to hide the eggs in our apartment. He set up a couple decoys (mugs turned over all over the room so we'd think there were eggs under there. Sneaky). Oh and funny story, he hid one of the eggs and poured dye into my cup from dinner yesterday. So I go to take a sip of Diet Coke for strength and get...a mouth full of purple dye. Grossest moment of my entire life.

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