Monday, March 26, 2012

A Near-Death Experience

Okay, so I'm probably exaggerating a little bit, but I'm pretty sure I almost died today.

This morning I left the house at 7:10 to get to work early because I had a LOT to catch up on from last week. I passed by the Brimhall to check if New York Times had been delivered, they hadn't (classic), so I fulfilled my VP of Fund Raising duties and distributed them. I also realized that I left my wallet at home (classic, again) so I decided to run home really quick and then go to work.

When I got out of the building, I was in the middle of the biggest windstorm I've ever seen. There was pretty much a twister of dust, sticks, leaves and Creamery chocolate milk lids. I was crossing the street behind the Maeser Building, checking my email and minding my own business when I look up and one of those huge "Road Closed" signs is literally flying through the air towards me.

I froze. I didn't even know what to do. It was coming too fast to turn and run so I awkwardly shuffled backwards as fast as I could go. The sign whooshed by and ran into the curb and fell over. I just had to stand there for a second and pull myself together. Probably one of the scariest moments of my whole life.

Oh yeah, my wallet was in my backpack the whole time.


  1. doesn't get much better than that for a monday morning. glad you're still alive.

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  3. I am so glad you survived!! It sounds so scary!