Tuesday, February 21, 2012

St. George Part 2- Food Network Challenge

I have to start out just by saying how amazing. Kelsey's mom is. She's one of those moms that loves entertaining and having people over. You can tell that Kelsey's house was definitely the party house growing up. Her mom loves to chat and tell stories. She's great.

On Saturday after our hike we went back to the house to find a table covered in ingredients. There were eggs, cheese, vegetables, meat, spices and everything you could imagine. We each drew a Food Network star out of the bag and got together in pairs based on who we drew out. Sister Belliston then gave us a recipe from our star and told us that everything we needed was on the table.

Kelsey and I had Paula Deen's Mini Macaroni Pies. LOTS of butter, y'all. 

Linnea and Katie had Bobby Flay's grilled shrimp and cilantro pesto pizza (definitely my favorite)

Ryan and Janelle had Giada's Mediterranean bruschetta and polenta with chicken tartlets. Thumbs sideways on this one. No one really knew what polenta was, and it was kind of nast.

Garrett and Kirsten had Guy Fieri's grilled romaine with blue cheese bacon vinaigrette and homemade BBQ chips and blue cheese dip. Big thumbs up on this one. Who knew eating a straight piece of lettuce could be so good? 

Kevin and Andrew had Rachel Ray's BBQ Chinese chicken lettuce wraps. Andrew now knows how to zest. You learn something new every day.  

It was so much fun. We all felt like genuine chefs and all the recipes turned out great. Except polenta, because what the heck is that anyway?

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