Friday, December 23, 2011

A Connor Christmas Part 2: Cathedral of Learning


One of the coolest things about Pittsburgh is the Cathedral of Learning at University of Pittsburgh. Each room is decorated like a different country. We wanted to take a guided tour of all of the rooms, but the lady at the front desk was a little frazzled trying to deal with the 1) old women trying to buy cat figurines 2) the homeless man sitting on the bench in the front hall 3) families trying to take the guided tour of all the rooms. We decided to wing it on the third floor without the guided tour.

The Ukraine room:

Ukraine Room

The Welsh room:



My personal favorite, the Austrian room:

A quick stop for mirror pics, which brings me to my next point. Pretty much all of these pictures (the good ones at least) were taken by my amazing sister. She's good.

The Israel room:

The India room:


Hopefully we'll make a trip to the other levels soon. They have the lower levels all decorated for Christmas, it will be great.