Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I Want It That Way

Let's get real for a second.
I love '90s music.
And I'm not talking Nirvana. No MC Hammer.

Backstreet Boys. NSync. Destiny's Child. Spice Girls. 98 Degrees (Remember them?). Britney Spears. Even Christina Aguilera (but not really). B*Witched. The list goes on.

This burst of a nostalgia came suddenly a couple weeks ago. Everyone talks about how the '80s. Everyone goes '80s dancing in Salt Lake. But when do people go '90s dancing? Never. I don't get it. Isn't "Survivor" just as groovable as "Mr. Roboto?"

The '90s (and by '90s I mean 1997 on. Being born in 1989 I'm a little young for anything before that) were a great time. I remember I wore high ponytails in my hair all of third grade in an effort to channel Baby Spice. "No Strings Attached" was my first CD. I remember very vividly making up a dance to "Oops...I Did It Again" with my sister. I secretly thought earrings on guys were cool (as long as it was the correct ear. Which was the gay one? The left? It was very important at the time).

My favorite NSync member was Lance. I'm still a little devastated that now I never will be Mrs. Bass (not like I had a chance before). I didn't like BSB as much, but Nick was my favorite (bandwagon fan. Plus the other ones had tattoos. My 10-year-old self had tolerance for man earrings and jewelry but tats were a step too far). Baby was my favorite Spice Girl. I loved Aaron Carter and I remember blasting "I Want Candy" at Erika Klassen's birthday party.

Let's take a walk down memory lane, shall we?

WOWZA. So many things wrong with this picture. The vest, the hair, the shirt.

The shoes. The ponytails. But Mrs. David Beckham looks fierce as always.

It doesn't matter 'bout the car I drive or the ice around my neck all that matters is that you recognize that it's just about respect.

Justin- it's hard to respect you BECAUSE of the ice around your neck.

And finally:

"I will watch Britney Spears fall in flames and watch her rise from the ashes like the phoenix she is." Inspiring quote from VH1's Top 100 '90s Hits.

Ok nostalgia over.

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  1. Ummm.... confession:

    I LOVED Britney Spears

    I used to sing Hit Me Baby One More Time in my head on the bus ride home from school every day. 5th grade

    I would flip through her first album's leaf/packet thing over and over again, praying that I would somehow end up that pretty

    Paige Chapman and I would act out music videos to her first and second albums as we sang along. Favorites? Sometimes, Lucky, and Dear Diary

    I used