Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New Project

So today at work, the lovely Morgan LaRee showed me a photography blog that is made up of BYU students' work.

Hands down, my favorite entry was one by a recent BYU grad that took pictures of her favorite places. They were just pictures of a parking garage, a front porch, and other places but underneath she did a little explanation of why the places were meaningful. I definitely had a little tear in my eye by the end.

Rewind to my Language, Culture, and Society class last semester. We read a book called "Wisdom Sits in Places." Basically, it was about the Western Apache Indians and their sense of place. It was really interesting.

Now a couple months ago I wrote about my summer in LA. Reading that blog made me want to something similar but about BYU. I have been here for three years and it's been a crazy time with lots of great memories. So my plan is to take some pictures of my places. Just so I don't forget.

Now I just need to get off work in 45 minutes so I can start!

PS here's the link to the blog:

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