Tuesday, April 6, 2010

stupid people

I had a lady on the phone at work today, and seriously she was the dumbest woman I have ever talked to. It was almost funny, but still kind of sad. She was signing up for Adult Education to get her high school diploma. She asked some questions like:

Lady: So my school told me I needed Biology to graduate. So what class should I take?
Me: ....Biology
Lady: What is easiest?
Me: I have no idea
Lady: I'm thinking about taking Earth Science. Will that count for Biology? Or should I take Biology?
Me: You should probably take Biology


Lady: Can I call when I need help?
Me: You can email the professor
Lady: Can I call you with questions?
Me: You can call customer service
Lady: Who is the most helpful person in customer service? I want to talk to them.

and finally

Lady: So I work all day, so when can I study?
Me: Whenever you want, it's all on your own time
Lady: Ok, but when would you study? Here's my schedule: when is a good time?

Oh my job. Funny people call in