Sunday, March 21, 2010

cocoa bean v. sweet tooth fairy

There are two cupcake places in Provo (that I know of) and I have been to both. And after trying both of them, I have made a decision:

Coca Bean is way better:
1. The cupcakes are bigger. And there is more frosting. Yum.
2. It's closer. It's right by Burger Supreme (another yum) while Sweet Tooth Fairy is way down by Provo Town Center.
3. There are more flavors. They have a little cupcake schedule that they rotate flavors through. Downside: they don't have red velvet every day.
4. Drinks: they have frozen lemonades, steamers, Italian sodas, and hot cocoa. So amazing.


  1. Yay! A new place to try :) I hadn't heard of the Cocoa Bean. When I get down to Provo I will have to get a recommendation from you. I heart cupcakes :)

  2. PS:

    Lets go!