Friday, February 5, 2010


So yesterday I had one of those moments where I realized how much I've been blessed. I'm so thankful for:
1. My parents. My mom is absolutely amazing. She lets me talk on and on on my way to class. She is a great friend to others and can make anyone feel better. My dad is the strongest person I know. He works so hard for us and I'm so grateful to them.
2. BYU. I know. It's cliche. But I was walking out of the Wilk and I saw everyone walking around and the sun was settTing behind the JFSB and it was all so magical.
3. My roommates. Yeah we get on each other's nerves, but there's nothing better than screaming at Jillian together or trying not to laugh during roommate prayer.
4. My job. It's really busy, but I like talking to the parents (at least the nice ones. I talked to this lady today that was scared for her son going without a roommate to a program WITH 600 MORMON KIDS.) It's short, it pays pretty well, and I can look on whenever I want.
5. The gospel. What a great thing we have in our lives. We can pray to our Heavenly Father at any time. We can read the Ensign and get revelation directly from the prophet. We have the true gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives. We are so blessed.
6. My body. I'm healthy. I don't have any serious aches and pains and my body functions properly 99.9% of the time. I'm exercising and eating right, so I feel good. I'm not a ghostly pale girl with a skeleton back and poky hips like I was this time last year. I feel good and I have energy.
7. The warm weather. Comparatively. I mean, who doesn't like being able to unbutton their coat on the way home?
8. My safety. When I look at the people of Haiti, I'm so grateful that I don't have to worry about finding my next meal or if my family is safe. I'm grateful to live in a country where I am safe and free.

Sorry for the warm fuzzies. As Jane would say, I just have a lot of FEEEEEELINGS


  1. Please never apologize for a beautiful post! You are so great. Thanks for the reminder to be more grateful for the great things in life!

  2. Feeeeeeeelings.

    I'm with you Blue. Yay for life. :)

  3. Melissa, we love you very much too. I am grateful for your gratitude--it's one of the greatest gift you can give to parents.