Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My heart has been hurting lately, friends. I'm having one of those days/weeks where all I do is listen to to A Fine Frenzy and eat too much Easter candy and bawl at mediocre chick-flicks.

I've been in a weird funk and I need to pull myself out of it. It's fun to sit and feel sorry for yourself, but eventually Alison's voice gets annoying, your stomach hurts from all those Cadbury Mini Eggs, and The Holiday/Emma/Never Been Kissed are getting kind of old.

I follow a blog called 1000 Awesome Things. He blogs about little things like your pillow, intergenerational dancing, and roasting the perfect marshmallow and how awesome they are. I never thought much of the blog, just something silly to read during Anthropology 415. Then, in one of the recent posts, he talks about why he started the blog:

"I guess I’m addicted to letting thoughts of new bedsheets, fresh bakery air, and wobbly couch cushion forts swirl in my head and lift my brain sky high. I love talking with all of you and reminding ourselves of the many awesome things we all have to share.

For us, we just happened to be two different people walking two different paths. Sure, it was painful as painful can be, but we need to grieve, we need to let emotions overcome us, and we need to choose to walk towards those bright lights in the distance. Even if that walk seems pretty far away.

So, come on: When bad news squeezes your lungs and the weight of the world pushes you underwater, let’s always try to catch our breath by focusing on the best things in life. Yes, let’s focus on hitting a string of green lights on our way home from work, getting free time on the parking meter, and flipping on the cold side of the pillow. Let’s focus on beautiful pick-me-ups like getting long hugs when we really need them, laughing hard with friends, or the last day of school. Let’s focus on all the magic moments, eye-twinkling memories, and small special touches that make every day so sweet and make every day worth living.

Yes, life’s too short to swim in the deep forever so when it hurts remember to focus on the end of that tunnel and let those lights guide you forward and forward and forward and forward and forward and forward and forward.


What a great thought. Yeah, stuff sucks right now. But you know what? There is stuff to be happy about. I had a blueberry granola bar as a snack today. I'm wearing the cute bracelets my mom got me for my birthday. I got a 100% on my Avatar essay. I worked out with Jillian and it isn't terribly cold today. There are awesome things in the world, I think we just get stuck thinking about the bad parts. Goal for today: no more moping around. There are funny YouTube videos to be watched, dance parties to be had, and pretend online shopping to be done.



  1. Mel, this is great! Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Your blog makes me smile, and that is AWESOME!

  3. Love the quote. Love that you know that it's true. Love that you can go forward. Love you.

  4. 1. Easter candy is out already???? I need to go to there!
    2. You got to write an essay on Avatar. That is neat.
    3. Even when you are married you have little days like that where you just need to watch girl movies in your pajamas (while the boy is playing shooting games in the other room probably)
    4. You are a really great writer. I think that every time I read your blog.
    5. I wish I had pretty hair like yours.
    6. That is all.