Wednesday, January 20, 2010


So those of you who know me (which is hopefully all of you reading this blog ;) know I absolutely love Taylor Swift. I think she's an amazing person, her songs are great, and she's absolutely adorable. Anyway, I found this quote on the inside cover of her Fearless album:

"Fearless is not the absence of fear. It's not being completely unafraid. To me, fearless is having fears. fearless is having doubts. Lots of them. To me, fearless is living in spite of those things that scare you to death. Fearless is falling madly in love again, even though you've been hurt before. Fearless is walking into your freshmen year of high school at fifteen. Fearless is getting back up and fighting for what you want all over again... even though every time you've tried before, you've lost. It's fearless to have faith that someday things will change. Fearless is having the courage to say goodbye to someone who only hurts you, even if you can't breathe without them. I think it's fearless to fall for your best friend, even though he's in love with someone else. And when someone apologizes to you enough times for the things they'll never stop doing, I think it's fearless to stop believing them. It's fearless to say "you're NOT sorry," and walk away. I think loving someone despite what people think is fearless. I think allowing yourselfto cry on the bathroom floor is fearless. Letting go is fearless. Then, moving on and being alright, that's fearless too. But no matter what love throws at you, you have to believe in it. You have to believe in love stories and prince charmings and happily ever after. That's why I write these songs. Because I think love is fearless."

How true is this? I know I sometimes I can get trapped in my little ball of fear. I can't do this, I might fail. I can't do that, it might hurt. We really can't live like that. It's cliche, but we only live once. I want to look back at my life and see the ups as well as the downs.

2010 goal to be more fearless? I'm in



  2. Ah! Love! Love her quote and love your words. I am such a wimp, too afraid to try things. And yes, the phrase 'you only live once' is cliche, but it totally hit me with this post! Way to be. Thank you!!

  3. Wow. Profound. Thank you Taylor. Thank you Melissa.