Saturday, January 30, 2010

Inspiration Board

This is my very first inspiration board! I look forward to the days where I can decorate an actual home, not the little hole in the wall I like to call University Villa.

I love colored pillows. And mirrors as wall decorations. And interesting chair patterns. And turquoise. And work spaces. And wall collages (I have one above my desk but my camera cord is MIA).


  1. WOW! I love this idea! To make a collage of the house and decorating I want. I blew yours up so I could see it better and here are a few of my favorites: I love the little red patterned chair, love the watercolor (where did you get it?), love the blue wall and the sofa under it and the mirror above it, and love that super bright craft? room with the open french doors to the outside with a beautiful view :) LOVE LOVE this post!

  2. Love the red chair. Love the colors!

  3. some great pics! i also love your blog header...

  4. Love the blog header that is too cute! Great inspiration board. Use all the free time you have in college to do fun projects like that! It goes by very fast!


    S.S. Dobbs

  5. Gorgeous blog and inspiration board! I love it!